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Voice database

Are you looking for voice for your ad, movie or perhaps for new voicemail system? In our voice database you may audition voice samples by many performers - children or seniors, Czech or foreigners. You may search voices parametricaly by age, gender, language capabilities, voice pitch and other properties.

Send us your request - just write us what do you need, voice number, or just let us know age, gender and number of voices you need. Do not hesitate to mention any special wishes you may have - do you want voice by particular popular actor? Or some special voice feature? Our production team will contact you to clarify and manage all details. We prefer your presence in the studio during recording sessions so you can immediately adjust speech dynamics, pronounciation and overall feeling of performance.

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Professional audio/video production

We provide complete audio/video production services - initial consultations, editing scripts and dialog, translations (including auditioned material), casting including popular celebrities, production and postproduction, audio and video mixing, mastering and authoring, subtitles production, creating international music&effects tracks, format conversions and also publishing and distribution services.

We have provided our skilled dubbing and audiovisual services for many Czech and international clients such us Alma cg, Armex Energy, Biogen Idec, Boomerang Publishing, B. Braun, Czech FILM, Equa bank, Internet Mall, Hospodářská komora ČR, Levné knihy, Ministerstvo průmyslu a obchodu, Patria Direct, Pražská energetika, Preciosa Lustry, Radegast, Siemens, Tipgames and many more.

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If you feel like having some talent for speaking, try to make money by recording voiceovers, audiotext messages or ads with us! All you have to do is to fill the contact form and record short sample of your voice which will be available for previewing by potential customers. Everything is totally free.

We welcome native or fluent speakers of any language.

Record sample of your voice - follow step-by-step instructions on our Add voice page. If you don't know how to record the sample, don't worry - we can manage small recording session in professional recording studio for you.

Our voice database is open for both professional and amateur voice performers. Please denote your experience or special abilities. Also, if you are able to record in your own home studio, do not forget to mention that.

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