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Are you a dubbing artist looking for a job? Do you want to try dubbing, radio advertising or audiotext services and can’t find a way how to do it?

Add your voice to our database FOR FREE!
Casting and advertising agencies, film productions, directors and many companies are looking for original voices for various opportunities.

We welcome native speakers of any language.

How to add your voice for FREE?

It’s simple.

Record quality sample of your voice with following text (in language you are most familiar with is other than English, please feel free to translate and speak it in your language. Please note that voice sample must not include any personal or contact details such as name, phone number etc.):

You’re listening my unique voice sample on website run by digital agency CZECH MULTIMEDIA INTERACTIVE. In case of interest please contact production team. They’ll manage everything necessary for you.

In the text above, please pronounce the web address as "voice dash base dot com" to avoid confusion. In non-English languages, replace words "dash" and "dot" with their respective equivalents in your language.

Audio file should be in MP3, WAV or AIFF format (optimal settings: 44 kHz, 16 bit, Mono, 128 kbps MP3 bitrate, peak level -0.1). Audio quality should be as high as possible - without noises and distortions. Remember - better recording means higher chance to get job.

Please fill out following form and send it. Do not forget to attach your voice sample. Our production team will listen to it and publish it within a week or we will contact you for further assistance if needed.

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Can you make professional recording of my voice?

Yes, we can! If you prefer your voice sample to be recorded professionaly in the studio, we will record it for you. This is an optional service. You will pay 1815 CZK fee incl. VAT (DPH). This fee covers professional recording of your voice in recording studio and including it in our web database. Besides sample text you may record any ten sentences if you wish. Your recording wil be edited and processed by sound engineer and will be ready for you to download within two working days. You may use the recording any way you want. If you are interested please note it in the form above.

How do I get a job?

In case your voice would be chosen by the client (advertising agency etc.) our production team will contact you and schedule date and time of recording session, and to make an agreement about pricing and licensing. We usually record in sound studios in Prague. Contract will be signed beforehand online or in studio before recording. You are not in direct contact with clients. You get paid within agreed timeframe.